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Joy Conaway – A Tale of Joy & Sorrow…

Joy Conaway – A Tale of Joy & Sorrow…

Allniters, family, friends and stalkers (blinks twice and smiles), I am back with a fresh blog for this week.  I have been on a slightly needed hiatus for a few weeks.  I know that someone was not happy about it, I won’t put her name out there (cough… Deirdra “LadyEbony” Massey), but by the grace of God she will be okay…*chuckles.  I am sure you remember a few weeks back I reviewed an amazing Indie artist named Angel White.  Amazing artists seem to know others who are equally as amazing.  So, as I was doing my daily social media stalking (what?), I ran across my focus for this week; Joy Conaway.

Joy Conaway is an Indie artist who resides in Atlanta, GA.

When I first visited her website, and started listening to her tracks, I said to myself, good music transcends time.  As stated on her website, Joy is “Fueled by her desire to inspire, uplift and spread JOY to others through her music, she comforts and excites the soul through every lyric and note.”  I will have to agree that she accomplished that goal.  Much of the music industry is fueled by the “machine”, those who have decided what should be promoted and what they won’t promote.  Because of that, music gets washed out, and predictable.  I can predict what type of music mainstream artists will put out because the machine has already created that for them.  These artists may think they are being creative and that they are expressing themselves in their music, but the music is not always great and a lot of times it does not leave a lasting impression on your soul.  Then in steeps the Indie artist who is in full control of their creative mind.  Indie artists are not arguing over sound, lyrics or their creative vision; they work for themselves.  Full creative vision to create and produce sounds that make our minds think and our souls jump.  Joy Conaway fits that bill to a tee.

Her latest single is entitled “Alone

Even though a relationship may be rocky, giving up on love is not an option.   If a fight must ensue to get what is needed, then so be it; love is worth it.  But if in the end, we both must be alone, then it is what it is. Great story telling, which is extremely important and needed in music today.  My favorite line “Broken hearts break hearts everywhere”; never a truer statement.  It mimics the notion of “hurt people, hurt people.”  That makes relationships hard to deal with at times, but everything is a learning experience in the end.  This song makes me want to hear more of that story.

I then proceeded to listen to “A Tale of Joy & Sorrow.”  Now while this EP was released over a year ago, the music is neither stale or out of place in 2017; what did I say earlier…good music…. transcends time.    The thing I like best about indie artists is they are wonderful story tellers.  This EP takes you on a journey of love through relationships; the good and the bad.  The songs address person growth we go through and the determination exhibited when trying to keep these relationships strong.  This EP also speaks on facing storms and even our own self-doubts and fears as we attempt to cultivate relationships and how to deal with someone other than ourselves.  If issues arise in a relationship, tell your person, hold up, I will be back to talk about this after I clear my mind with some Joy Conaway.  My new phrase is going to be “Don’t make me Joy Conaway you…. get it together dude.”  But all jokes aside, Joy has a great sound that I really can’t put a category on it, and that is a good thing.  Listening to the tracks of this EP, I think, lowered my blood pressure.

I am looking forward to seeing what Joy will bring to us in the future.  I am a certified stalker, so trust me, when she drops it, I will be right there to catch it and throw it out to you.

Joy’s current EP is featured on her website –, along with her latest single “Alone.”  Joy has also allowed you to download this music for free.  You may also follow her on Facebook – , Twitter – @joy_conaway, Instagram – @joy_conaway and on SoundCloud –  Absolute joy to review this talented artist.

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