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Angel White – Day Sessions…

Angel White – Day Sessions

AllNiters (yes, I made that up just for you), welcome to another weekly visit to the inside of my mind.  I appreciate the fact that you allow me to pull you into this space each week.  It is tough being angry on a weekly basis, and you know I can spit some emotionally inspired lyrics when I must.  Wait, I am not a lyrist, don’t know where that came from.  I meant to say, I type angry, you know it and I am proud of that fact.  In this politically charged world we live in now, I will have a ton of material to write about until the next millennium, sad to say.  But every now and again I must focus on the music.  I am going back to a time when Elliot “Black Cesar” Campbell and I hosted a show on called “On Deck”, where we focused on up and coming artists, giving them a platform to showcase their music.  Today I will be reviewing Angel White’s newest EP, Day Sessions.

Angel White is an independent artist who currently resides in Atlanta, GA.  When I first visited her website, this is what I encountered:

Angel White on her EP Day Sessions:

“I needed to heal. I Realized the vulnerability that blossomed through writing down everything, every day, was just the medicine my soul needed to break free.”


Medicine for the soul is exactly what Angel delivers in this EP, “Day Sessions” which dropped on February 3rd, 2017.  I am sometimes anxious when I review new music because I don’t know what I am going to hear; the good, the bad, the ratchet.  This EP was a time well spent.  The lyrics were on point and the arrangement of music was done well.  This was a treat to my mental psyche; the Sagittarius in me is so emotional…*chuckles.  The tracks told the story of a failed relationships and the different stages one goes through to get over it.  It begins with Day 000 by saying, “This too shall pass.”


“I needed to heal. I Realized the vulnerability that blossomed through writing down everything, every day, was just the medicine my soul needed to break free.”

Day 001 (Pretty) talks about how her view of self changed after a break up; she is not recognizable to herself.  She has sunk into a depressed state and wonders what caused the break up.  Something many women can relate to who have been in relationships that failed and they are left wondering what they did to cause it.  We must remember, we were not in that relationship alone.

On DAY 008 (Fool) she is wondering what kind of spell has been cast over her, but vows not to give up on the relationship.  There are still unanswered reasons on why she is running after dude…but hey, that is between him and her I suppose.

Day 011 is a declaration of self.  I must type this one word for word: “My being is not in my thoughts, my things or others, but my being is in God.”  I found myself saying Amen as if I had just ended a prayer.  How much of a revelation that can be when you have experienced a setback in life?  You must remind yourself that God is the creator of you…not who you know or what you possess.

Day 013 (Poison) caught my attention based on the music first.  I love the rhythm and how it was arranged.  This song spoke of how this man started out wonderfully, but as time went on, it became tainted.  As time when on, it became harder to break free and walk away.  She kept getting sucked back in time and time again, as if poisoned.

DAY 019 (No More Song) speaks of memories that keep occupying her mind, trying to work their way into her songs.  She has finally made up her mind that it is time to let the emotional soul tie go.

What I enjoyed most about this EP is the story telling.  Being an internet DJ for many years, I enjoy putting music together to tell a story of my mood at the time.  Angel did a wonderful job of creating a mental story with her music and lyrics.  This EP represented the emotional rollercoaster we ride at times while in a relationship.  It paints a vivid picture of the thoughts that filter through our minds, the actions we take and the regrets we feel.  I recommend you take a listen for yourself and experience the talent of Angel White.  Angel’s EP is featured on her website –  For you android users, you may obtain her EP through Google Play Music.  You may also follow her on Facebook – and Instagram 

Day Sessions, a breath of fresh air in this stuffy, polluted world we reside in now.  #indiemusic #angelwhite #indieartist #googleplaymusic #DaySessions


I will be highlighting new, independent artists more and more going forward.  If you would like to have your music featured in this blog and added to the rotation, please forward all music and/or links to  Also, provide any links to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or websites, and don’t forget to provide your professional bio.  I look forward to hearing from you.


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