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Taking It Back 2 the 80’s

Summertime in Hotlanta is about great family, friends and Great Music.  If you’re not from Atlanta or haven’t been to an outdoor event you must first have the ingredients required to have a great time.  A comfortable lawn chair, an umbrella, comfy attire, great company and of course the best Host MC LightFoot.

THAT 80’s R&B

Over the weekend #ANRStreetTeam had the recipe to enjoy some of the hottest artist of the 80’s.  #Back2the80’s Show was as live as the first time these artist shared their music.  You can rest assure that the audience of the sold out Wolfcreek Amphitheatre enjoyed every memory when the Force MDs reminded us of the days when they took the R&B industry by storm, with “Tender Love” & “Love Is A House”.  For this ‘grown up’ it was uplifting to see that the group was still going strong and keeping their music alive in spite of their fallen members Nelson, Antoine Lundy and Trisco Peason.


Another 80’s group that adorned the stage Saturday night was Hi-Five who many would say has had their segment of battles and misfortunes. However, despite the loss of their lead singer Tony Thompson the quintet reunited once again to deliver the fans a trip down memory lane singing “She’s Playing Hard to Get” and ending their portion of the show with “The Kissing Game”, a tribute to Tony Thompson.

The New Jack Era wouldn’t be the same without the group that recorded five albums, three of which were certified gold and one certified platinum.  This group is Troop who came prepared with my personal favs “Spread My Wings” and “All I Do is Think of You”, which were both Number 1 on the Billboard R&B charts and remained in the top 10 on the charts for several weeks.


Although I thoroughly enjoyed the full show, coming from up north surrounded by my family from Brooklyn & the Bronx, I grew up deep in the era of hip hop – now known as Old School Hip Hop.  So the highlight of my evening took flight with Chubb Rock who took the audience to another level.  From rallying up the spectators with throwback tunes to bringing it back to the island old school style.  Chubb Rock had the crowd on their feet singing along with him and Ed Lover who was spotted in the masses doing his dance. Chubb Rock even blew up the stage with his 80’s tune “Just The Two Of Us”.  If that wasn’t enough The Dark Gable himself, Big Daddy Kane hit the stage with thunder, lightning and rain – literally.  However that didn’t stop him from giving us many of his unforgettable hits like “I Get the Job Done”, “Smooth Operator”, “I Get Raw”… his set was so hot that it brought singer/actress Jasmine Guy dancing to this old school legend and the one and only Kool Moe Dee who took it to “The Wild Wild West”.

Ecstasy still wearing his Zorro-style hat and Jalil of Whodini followed up with their hits and surprises.  I remember years ago seeing Whodini live for the first time and although I’m many many MANY years older I still was on my feet when they flooded the theatre with “Friends” “Five Minutes of Funk” and sang along when they ended their set with “One Love” but that wasn’t the surprise.  The surprise came when U.T.F.O. popped on the stagewith the exception of Educated Rapper who passed away this year, killing it with “Roxanne Roxanne

The 80’s show would be incomplete if the legendary Slick Rick and Doug E Fresh didn’t make an appearance. The human beat box looks as if he hadn’t aged a year since the 80’s as he reminded us of why we love the Harlem entertainer when he beat boxed to Lil Vicious‘ in person performance of “Freaks“. The audience was hyped and ready when the greatest storyteller of all time, took to the stage to perform “La Di Dadi” and “The Show.” It was years ago that Slick Rick was facing deportation, but did you know that the Bronx rapper became a sworn in, US citizen in 2016? Good thing, because based on the energy in the amphitheater, at the end of his performance, he is still the Ruler and “the ruler is back.”






Not only was this a great show but more of a family reunion of the legends of hip hop & male groups from our past where WE got a chance to jump around, reminisce and sing along while our extended family gave us a taste of how we did it back in the 80’s.  All-in-all the show was a successful Old School Concert by Kelsey’s Event Media.  For more photos and video check out Fan Page Until next time…Great Music Lives! ~ MzLadyEbony

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