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59th Grammy Awards Grammy Awards 2017…


The biggest night of music, The 59th Grammy Awards, aimed to provide a star-studded event, and they did not disappoint.  This year was hosted by , who host the CBS late night talk show, The Late Late Show with James Corden.  You also know James from his famous Karaoke Carpool, where he invites celebrities on car rides while they sing songs.  The most famous to date, in my opinion, was his ride with former First Lady, Michelle Obama.  He was witty and crazy like he is during his Karaoke runs.  He even did a skit with artists in the audience, singing Neil Diamond’s (who was in the audience) “Sweet Caroline.”  It looked like nobody really knew the words, including Neil himself at times.  But hey, it’s the Grammy’s, nothing is unexpected, right?

I am not going to go over every single artist that performed or every single award that was won.  I do want to highlight some performances and artists that stood out to me.  Let’s begin with Joy Villa.

“Who in the HELL is Joy Villa?”

The first question I asked myself was, “Whoin the HELL is Joy Villa?”  Many of you may be asking that same question.  Joy, who’s stage name is Princess Joy Villa, because adding Princess you anyone’s name makes it better I suppose, is a 25-year-old relatively unknown singer, song writer.  While not nominated for any award, she showed up to this year’s award ceremony’s red carpet with a “Make America Great” gown on.  She walked up with a while robe on, which she took off to reveal her attention-grabbing gown.  Trumps name was spelled out on the back of the gown in glittery lettering.  This is the 3rd year in a row that Joy arrived at the Grammy’s with an attention-grabbing outfit.  In 2015, she showed up in an orange, see-through outfit made of orange construction snow fencing, designed by Andre Soriano.  In 2016 she arrived wearing a black design that resembled a rib cage of an animal, see-through, with only a black thong covering up her cookies.  The year, the statement made was “Make America Great Again”.  The dress obviously did wonders for her.  Record sales of her 2014 EP, I Make the Static, made a significant leap on Amazon’s best-selling album chart and was #16 on iTunes this morning.  Villa is quoted as tweeting “Go big, or go home. You either stand up for what you believe or fall for what you don’t.”  We all can agree to disagree on this stand, well, at least I can.

Chance the Rapper

Chicago rapper, Chance the Rapper, came out the gates strong, and with significant praises.  Chance is the first black hip-hop artist to win Best New Artist since Lauryn Hill in 1999, eighteen years is a long time.  Chance also is the first to win Best Rap Album without a label backing and for an album only offered by streaming, through iTunes.  All in all, Chance won Best New Artist, Best Rap Album for Coloring Book, and Best Rap Performance for “No Problem” feat. Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz.  Then, Chance, along with Tamala Mann and Kirk Franklin performed a medley of “How Great” and “All We Got.” I want to be the first to ask, what the hell did Kirk have on?  And why was Kirk even there?  What exactly was he contributing to that performance?… *chuckles.   Tamala Mann, on the other hand, her voice makes you want to confess to Jesus right where you are.  Chance is Hip Hop, how it should be, like it was.  I just love listening to him, he in the game for the long haul.

Saturday Night Fever

John Travolta in his bad bling and his bad eyesight was hilarious.  He started out by saying “I know what you’re all thinking… you’re thinking, damn… where did he get all that bling from?”  After a bit, it was obvious he was having some issues, so he says “My cell phone… the font is so big that everyone makes fun of me. So, for sure I’m not going to be able to read that prompter. But do you know what? I’m excited to be here.  Tonight, during the show we’re going to be honoring the Bee Gees and ‘Saturday Night Fever’.”  I couldn’t help but crack a smile, knowing his place in the history of Saturday Night Fever.

And talking about Saturday Night Fever, I want to say that I am still upset by the fact that Barry is the last Gibb standing; all his brothers are gone.  I will never see the Bee Gee’s perform together ever again.  I am saddened that Barry’s hair is breaking up with him more and more each day.  And I am saddened that this tribute did not give them justice.  Demi Lovato, Tori Kelly, Little Big Town and Andra Day performed a medley of “How Deep Is Your Love,” “Tragedy,” and “Night Fever,” and the Theme song from the movie of the same title, “Stayin’ Alive.” The tribute just did not move me.

English singer, songwriter, rapper and actor, Ed Sheeran is one talent white boy.  He has a great sound.  Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself” which was nominated for Song of The Year was written by Ed Sheeran, Benny Blanco and Bieber.  Song of the Year was won by Adele, for Hello.  Just last weekend on Saturday Night Live, he performed “Shape of You” which has that reggaetón feel to it; just a great song.  Surprisingly, he was added to this year’s performance list at the last minute, but with the power of his performance, you would have never known.

The Best Rock song winner was David Bowie for “Black Star”, given of course, posthumous, but David will forever be That Dude.


Tina Knowles introduced her daughter’s performance.  Beyoncé just recently announced she is pregnant with twins and wants everyone to know, without a doubt, that stomach is real this time. she strutted like she was giving birth to a nation.   Visually, the beginning of the performance was stunning. She had a Tupac Coachella thing going on with all the holographic imagery before she even picked up the microphone.  She wore a gold gown and crown-like headdress, which had a very Egyptian feel to it.  Beyoncé was even able to defy gravity during while leaning back in a chair as she sang.   She sang two tracks for her Lemonade compilation, “Love Drought” and “Sandcastles.” It was cute that Blue was in the audience watching her mommy perform.   While Beyoncé was receiving her award for Best Urban Contemporary Album, all out of breath, Blue was busy showing of her bling to her friend.  Beyoncé sounded like she was trying to throw some political shade, but it did not quite come off as sincere to me.  Could have been how she was breathing like she just ran up 12 flights of stairs.  Could have been that she had to write it down.  Jessie Williams didn’t write his words down, he said them off the top of his head; I’m just saying…*chuckles.  I better stop before the bey-hive try and roast my nipples over an open fire.

Alicia Keys and country artist Maren Morris performance would have been bleak, in my opinion, without Alicia.  Alicia had turned into such a wonderful artist and activist.  I absolutely love her voice and I love her passion that she puts in her performances.  And she still got that freshly washed face, no lipstick…love it.

Adele with a George Michael tribute.  She felt she did not start the song out with justice to George, so she requested to “do over”. I personally think another song should have been chosen; Fastlove is not one of my favorites.  I know it was arranged to take advantage of the distinctness of Adele’s voice, but it was just a bad choice.  I don’t think it was received that great by the audience either.  Still, George was in a class all of his own; wish the tribute was better.  On a plus side, Adele blew up the Grammy with back to back wins.

“This show is about the music, leave the political music at home…”

There were performances that made it known that protest is a fundamental democratic freedomwe have in this country.  I read a post on twitter that said “this show is about the music, leave the political music at home.”  I would like to know where HE has been throughout the history of music.  Music has always had a political voice; and nothing has changed.  Katie Perry with her look toned down from her usual colorful displays; I almost didn’t recognize her.  She came out the box, gloves on, ready to take on the political tone of the country.  Dressed in all white with sneakers, some say it was in support of Hillary Clinton who she supported during the Presidential campaign.  She also had a Planned Parenthood button on the label of her jacket and wore an armband that said #Persist or #Resist.  She performed her new song “Chained to the Rhythm“, live for the first time.  She performed with Jamaican singer/song writer Skip Marley, grandson of Bob Marley; Skip co-wrote the song.  Katie has officially ushered in her new style which she is labeling “purposeful pop.”  Her statement was calm and quiet, but still there.  We then have one of my favorite all time rap artist, A Tribe Called Quest; R.I.P. to Phife.   Q-Tip came right out to announce what it was all about; the people having a voice in who represents them.  Busta then comes to the stage and announces “I am not feeling the political climate right now.”  He then calls 45 (his name we will not say) President Agent Orange and thanks him for his “unsuccessful attempt of the Muslim Ban.  The group then broke throw a wall, representing the ban, and broke into “We the People”, an election day anthem.  A Tribe Called Quest did that and very boldly.   They ended the performance with lyrics from Phife himself, while they stood with fists raised and heads bowed.  That is what rap is all about, making that statement and bringing awareness of what is going on in the present-day world…. #RESIST!

The Prince Tribute.  The Time was awesome as always.  Bruno, I must admit, he killed the performance, even though he is so frickin short…lol.  It was like he inhaled Princes spirit for a moment to give us some purple saturated pleasure.  What sealed it was the guitar solo.  Now, nobody can make a guitar sing like Prince could, like he was stroking it to an orgasmic finally, but Bruno did a damn good job.  Prince will forever be missed.

That sums up my Grammy review for this week.  Check back with me each week to see what kind of news, event, or train wrecks I will pull out of my bag of lucky charms to comment on.  Follow me on Twitter  and Instagram .   And, be sure to keep it locked on; Only the best music, ALLNITE long.

And let us not forget, please be aware that the thoughts expressed in this blog in no way reflect the views of AllniteRadio or any of its staff or subsidiaries.  Translation:  If I say something crazy or offensive to YOU, don’t blame them…*chuckles*.  I will see you next week.

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