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Yours truly was granted the wonderful opportunity to interview these 3 lovely ladies that make up the Matthew Knowles managed group Blushhh Music.  Of course before our interview, I went in with all the preconceived notions and comparisons to other girl groups, most notably Destiny Child. Other than that and the fact that they are a girls group from Houston, TX, that’s where the similarities ended. I came away with a deeper respect for them from the depth of their conversation. Old Souls…First the facts:


Name: Blushhh Music

Members: Sunni and Bunni Ray; Tali

Genre: Hip Hop Trio

From: Houston, TX

Signed to: Music World Music

Although they are touched by the comparisons to Destiny’s Child…

Blushhh Music will let you know that they are MUCH different than Destiny’s Child, “We are a Hip Hop Trio.” Sunni and Bunni Ray are rappers and Tali is the singer. They actually feel more closely comparable to TLC. Because of the positive feedback they have received after that showcase, their album originally slated for a June release, was moved up to be released April 11th. It’s aptly titled “Old School Back: Past, Present, Future”. When asked if they remembered the exact moment they knew they had something as a group was when Mr. Knowles (as they fondly refer to Matthew Knowles) came backstage after a showcase, they weren’t originally invited to, and wanted to work with them. Of course they were overwhelmed with excitement and immediately got to work.

I was easily convinced these 3 ladies are “old souls”. When I asked them what they wanted their lasting legacy to be, they immediately quoted the late great poetess Maya Angelou. “I’ve learned that people will forget what you’ve said, forget what you did, but will never forget how you made them feel”. In the end, they want people to walk away from an experience with them, especially women, feeling above all more empowered about themselves and from my experience with them, they are well on their way!


Check for Blushhh Music dropping today, Tuesday, April 11th  and featured on Keep in the mix with this upcoming group on Twitter & Instagram


Adrian “DJ Allnite” Long

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