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Silkk the Shocker More than a Multi-Platinum Artist

I consider myself a lover of hip hop, the lyrics, the trends, the beats and well, the whole culture. So, you should understand my excitement when given the chance to have an in depth conversation with one of Hip Hop’s gems, Silkk the Shocker.
Maybe you know Silkk as a multi-platinum artist whose hits include “It Ain’t My Fault.” Or maybe you know him as an actor, starring in movies like “Hot Boyz” or “I”m bout it.” Perhaps you know him as Master P and C Murders brother or Romeo Miller’s Uncle. But, do you know that Silkk is the author of a book he penned called, “Paved?” Silkk told, “Paved, is a how to for succeeding in music business” and although the book is written for anyone in the music industry, Silkk would want to give this book to new artists such as Lil Uzi and Lil Yachty, saying “If you don’t know where you’ve been, you don’t know where you’re going” Silkk explained that the rap game is not a new game and Paved seeks to give everyone a little knowledge to know what they’re signing since “everyone comes in the business with a bad deal.”

Silkk “The Shocker” Miller Guides you through the Tough Roads of the Music Business

Silkk is all about educating those who are coming behind him and mentors youth through a sports, education and health program. “Everything lies in the hands of the youth” Silkk said he had teachers who significantly impacted his young life and shared that the legendary Coach Carter of Richmond High, was his coach and was one of those people who would try to explain to him and give him the knowledge of life.
At 41 years old, the co-founder of No Limit seems more focused on living a life in balance “I try to balance life and take time to enjoy what I’ve done and created”  Silkk is the embodiment of the old adage,  “Each one reach one” and he is sharing his wealth of knowledge with anyone who has the wisdom to listen to it.  Although he didn’t say he’d be doing any collaborations soon, he did tell, exclusive information about a No Limit Reunion as well as a possible Reality Show coming soon.
AllNiters, talking to Silkk the Shocker reinforces that Hip Hop has grown up and it now comes with longevity, wisdom and talk about leaving a legacy, how refreshing.


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