GOP Debate

The Latest Updates On The CNN GOP Debate

The GOP presidential hopefuls are faced off in another debate Tuesday night. The candidates gathered for their last meeting of the year at The Venetian hotel in Las Vegas for an event sponsored by CNN. A small group of the lowest-polling candidates kicked things off at 6:30 p.m., and the[…]

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T-pain Autotune

That Time T-Pain Sang An Entire Concert Without Autotune

This post is part of a weekly series celebrating #ThrowbackThursday with reflections of our favorite childhood memories, past pop culture moments and more! During the mid-2000’s, an era of flip-phones and mirror-facing selfies, T-Pain’s robotic voice revolutionized technology in hip-hop and R&B. T-Pain made his mark on the music industry as[…]

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Swedish Neo-Soul Songstress Seinabo Sey Is the Real Deal

Neo-Soul Songstress Seinabo Sey Before releasing her debut LP, Pretend, in October, Swedish neo-soul songstress Seinabo Sey learned just how beneficial a “fake-it-until-I-make-it” attitude can be. “When you’re a kid, you pretend to be a singer and then all of a sudden you are,” says the 25-year-old Stockholm native, who[…]

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