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I didn’t realize until now how jealous she can be….

AllNiteRadio’s resident relationship therapist, SadaqaSadaqaX transforms her advice into SADAQALATIONS



Dear Sadaqa,

I’ve been dating a woman for about 6 months and I didn’t realize until now how jealous she can be. She gets upset when I eat lunch with female co-workers, even if other men are there. If I’m 10 minutes late for one of our dates, she assumes I’ve been with on the phone with another woman.

One time, I was on the phone with another woman — my cousin, and she still got upset! She doesn’t go off the deep end, but I can tell she’s really irritated when a situation comes up.  Is she acting this way because of my personality and the women I know? Is her jealousy a sign for me to get out of Dodge?

— Trevan

Dear Trevan,

The beginning of a relationship is often called the honeymoon stage. The honeymoon state of a relationship is the romantic, passionate, starry-eyed phase of a relationship. There’s a strong attraction and all you can think about is …is your new love. It’s safe to say that after six months, you guys should still be in this phase. Trevan, what you shared is that your girlfriend is jealous, gets upset and is often irritated. Your question to me is whether she is misbehaving this way because of your personality and the women, you know. Trevan, I suspect that she behaves this way because of her own jealousy, insecurities, anger, frustration, past hurts, fears, personality, and prior experiences in relationships, relationship expectations and internal themes.

Is it a sign to “get out of dodge” as you say…well, it’s a sign for sure and usually signs are telling you that you need to do something. (i.e., Stop, Yield, Make a U turn, Proceed with caution etc.) Trevan, if this is the honeymoon phase, what will things look like once this exciting phase is over? Trevan…I don’t know if you’ve ever heard that when a person shows you who they are…believe them. Sounds to me like she’s showing you whom she is. It’s time for you to pay attention to the signs.

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