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My fiance and I are getting married in a year….

AllNiteRadio’s resident relationship therapist, SadaqaSadaqaX transforms her advice into SADAQALATIONS

Dear Sadaqa,

Photographer Kelly Prezel –

My fiance and I are getting married in a year. We have some very close gay friends, and I have gay family members on my mom’s side. The majority of our family is gay-friendly, but a few of them on my father’s side are very open about their dislike of the LGBT community.

Our ceremony will be at a Unitarian Universalist church because we love that they are supportive of the LGBT community and want everyone to feel comfortable and accepted on our big day. I’m terrified that my family members will do or say something to hurt or offend guests at our wedding who have same-sex partners.

I am considering putting a note on my wedding website that our wedding will be a celebration of love, and to please set aside political and personal beliefs and accept every one of our guests during this happy occasion. Would this be appropriate? I don’t know how else to convey the message that we will not tolerate any hateful or offensive remarks or actions against our loved ones. — BRIDE FOR MARRIAGE EQUALITY

Dear Marriage Equality Bride,

Congratulations on the upcoming nuptials. I’m sure that with all the prepping and planning, having to consider how your guests may behave, is a huge inconvenience at best. Your question is whether or not it would be appropriate to include a note to remind your guests to behave appropriately.
MEB, if your family were offended by black people, interracial couples, Muslim people or people in wheelchairs….would you feel it necessary to include a note? Your wedding day and wedding is going to be full of people who love and support you and your fiancée and I wouldn’t be too concerned with the guests who may feel uncomfortable about friends and family who are practicing a lifestyle different than their own.
If you feel inclined, call those few people you are most concerned about and discuss it with them individually, but I wouldn’t encourage you to include the note. Your wedding day should be one of the happiest days of your life, don’t take the spotlight off of you by shining it on bigotry.


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