Married With Children

AllNiteRadio’s resident relationship therapist, SadaqaSadaqaX transforms her advice into SADAQALATIONS   Dear Sadaqa, I was married w/ 2 kids to my kids father for 19 years. I cheated on my husband & divorced him to be with this new man. My children hate this new man for breaking up their[…]

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Yours truly was granted the wonderful opportunity to interview these 3 lovely ladies that make up the Matthew Knowles managed group Blushhh Music.  Of course before our interview, I went in with all the preconceived notions and comparisons to other girl groups, most notably Destiny Child. Other than that and[…]

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Joy Conaway – A Tale of Joy & Sorrow…

Joy Conaway – A Tale of Joy & Sorrow… Allniters, family, friends and stalkers (blinks twice and smiles), I am back with a fresh blog for this week.  I have been on a slightly needed hiatus for a few weeks.  I know that someone was not happy about it, I[…]

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